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Project Management

Our company excels in organizing and managing engineering teams, conducting thorough engineering verification, and providing expert supervision for onshore, fabrication yard, and offshore activities. We specialize in interface management, contract administration, procurement services, project control, risk assessment, and efficient document control and secretarial works.

Organisation and Management of the Engineering Team

  • Identify engineers suitable for the job and assign responsibility
  • Hiring and onboarding of new personnel (hired through PMT)
  • Periodic Performance review of the Team and corrective action if needed
  • Coordinate and Supervise the Team

Engineering verification

  • To verify engineering works carries out by Engineering contractor
  • To review deliverables issued by engineering subcontractor and verify with respect to engineering standards and codes.
  • Suggest corrective action

Asset Management and Supervision by Experts (Onshore / Fabrication yard / Offshore)

  • Assist to identify suitable marine unit to execute the job
  • Inspection /Audit of the shortlisted Marine units
  • Supervision for Onshore / Fabrication yard works
  • Supervision for offshore Installation / Commissioning works

Interface Management

  • Internal & external communication management
  • Interface management with client, service providers, vendors etc.

Contract, Sub-contract and Consultant Management

  • Sub-Contract Liaison
  • Sub-Contract Preparation
  • Contract Support
  • Key Contract Clauses Focus Area

Procurement Services

  • Selection of qualified vendors
  • Evaluation of Technical offers
  • Approval / Refusal of proposed changes to specifications
  • Technical tabulation of the offers
  • Commercial tabulation of the offers
  • Technical queries during bid and construction phase
  • Preparation of Purchase orders
  • Attendance to Factory Acceptance Test
  • Quality Control services

Project Control – Planning, Schedule, Progress, Reporting and Cost

  • Overall planning for the works and subsequent monitoring, scheduling and controlling
  • Progress report along with progress curves , Manpower histogram, areas of concerns etc.
  • Timesheet, CTRs
  • Cost Control / Cost Estimation
  • Assistance for Invoicing and Payments
  • Change Management and Control

Risk Assessment

  • Risk assessment and evaluation support
  • Risk register maintenance and update (As per client requirement)

Document Control and Secretarial works

  • Master Deliverable Register (MDR) preparation and tracking
  • Distribution of Internal / External deliverables
  • Business travel /accommodation arrangement and coordination
  • Office Time-keeping