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Engineering Backoffice Service

Engineering, Procurement Assistance & Construction (EPC Phase)

  • Develop Basic and detailed engineering for the fabrication of jackets and topsides
  • Provide technical assistance to the Procurement team
  • Issue shop drawings of projects when detailed engineering is developed by the third party
  • Develop the Fabrication based on construction yard capabilities
  • Provide technical personnel on-site to supervise yard works: Construction manager, QC manager, Lifting superintendent, Welding engineer, Construction superintendent, etc.
  • Provide welding personnel, carpenters, pipe-fitters, electricians, electronic supervisors, tool supervisors, machinery and hydraulic supervisors
  • Manage the preparation of WPS, PQT (including mechanical test and laboratory test as required), NDE procedures, welding book, and welder qualification
  • Prepare all load-out engineering on the cargo barge for transport (then transport engineering will be part of T&I).
  • Assist in the preparation of as-built dossiers.

Transportation and Installation (T&I Phase)

  • Act as engineering back office from the bid stage to the execution stage
  • Act as PMC support (Project Management Consulting) and manage the Project on behalf of the main contractor
  • Put supervisors on board the sub-contractors vessel to ensure that there are no deviations from the contractual agreements and that the work is carried out according to the developed and approved procedures
  • Assist in sub-contracting services such as ROV, Diving, Survey & Positioning, Catering, Grouting, and Piling. etc.
  • Assist in the procurement of installation aids: Specifications, RFQ, TBE, PO preparation, QC, post order
  • Based on the Project requirements, MarinTek can define the specifications of the installation vessel (as well as the assisting spread) and carry out a market screening to identify the most suitable means for the purpose
  • Once the vessel has been identified, MarinTek can assist the contractor to organize the mobilization of the vessel. In case the Contractor decides to issue a Charter Agreement then MarinTek can assist in the manning of the vessel itself for the construction personnel
  • At the end of the Project, MarinTek can assist with the close out of the contract and manage claims, pending change orders, or any arbitration.