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Assets Engineering


Digitalization of Production Process

  • Engineering of Mooring Line Monitoring software (CAMS)
  • Engineering of real time pipelay stress monitoring software

Maintenance of Vessels & Equipment

  • Recertification of Rigging equipment
  • Develop coating procedure for Stinger Sections and A-Frame
  • Deck plating and framing reinforcement

Vessel Audit

  • Performed Audit based on OVID inspection Protocol
  • Crane vessel
  • Pipe layer vessel
  • DSV vessel
  • Cable layer vessel
  • Survey vessel
  • Anchor handling tug


  • Transportation and Seafastening of stinger sections
  • Design and Construction of stinger extension
  • Definition of critical stinger nodes for NDE map
  • Modification of primary and secondary steel of stinger sections
  • Re-installation of stinger configured to suit pipeline
  • Installation of new rollers and reinforcements/modifications of existing rollers
  • Removal of Sheave blocks from stinger / A-frame for modification in workshop
  • Stinger Hinges upgrade
  • Rigging & makeup for stinger / A-frame to suit lifting with new configuration

Vessel and Equipment Upgrades

  • A-frame Removal, Reinforcement/Modification of A-frame
  • Complete tensioner overhauling to suit pipeline
  • Tensioners maintenance & Load test and calibration
  • Complete maintenance and load test of A&R winch
  • Complete firing line configuration
  • Install and test loading points in firing line / DJ plants
  • Complete and test service/supplies lines in working stations
  • Complete and test all CCTV plant in DJ plants and firing line
  • Reinforcement of beveling deck-house
  • Electrical – Maintenance of mooring winches including wire re-termination as required
  • Complete anchor/pendant preparation, mid line buoy (MLB) system
  • Mechanical – Mooring Winches Maintenance and Preparation
  • Replace Mooring Line Steel Wire and Re-Socketing of  Mooring Lines
  • Main crane boom wire ropes replacement
  • Modification and upgrade of winch for stinger handling

Equipment Integration, commissioning, follow up.

  • Upgrade mooring system of shear leg
  • Integration of ballast system inside additional sponsons
  • Installation of New pedestal crane
  • Upgrade of tensioner and A&R winch
  • Upgrade of stinger handling system
  • Upgrade of beveling station
  • Implementation of monitoring system for production line.
  • Installation of 8 point mooring system on DP vessel



  • Spectral fatigue assessment carried out in frequency domain.
  • Stinger & A-Frame models are generated using the software SACS.
  • The structural model is imported in MOSES for the calculation of fatigue cumulative damage ratio (CDR), considering appropriate S-N curve.
  • Checked for project site conditions (exposure time, metocean data, stinger configuration etc.)
  • Stinger Model test in naval basin.