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Pioneering quality standards

Our company has a strong track record in managing engineering teams, with a focus on efficient organization, suitable personnel assignments, and corrective action implementation when needed. We excel in thorough engineering verification, ensuring that subcontractor deliverables meet required standards and codes, and providing valuable recommendations for quality improvement. With expertise in asset management and supervision, we oversee onshore, fabrication yard, and offshore activities, including the identification of suitable marine units. Our proficiency in interface management enables effective communication with clients, service providers, and vendors, fostering smooth collaboration. Additionally, our contract and sub-contract management expertise, along with our procurement services, ensure seamless coordination and adherence to key contract clauses, while also facilitating vendor selection and quality control during bid and construction phases.

With a strong track record in managing engineering teams, we prioritize efficient organization, suitable personnel assignments, and swift corrective actions. Our commitment to thorough engineering verification guarantees that deliverables meet the highest standards, and we provide valuable recommendations for continuous quality improvement. From asset management and supervision to interface coordination, our expertise enables seamless collaboration with clients, service providers, and vendors.


Detailed Processes

  • A number of workflows showing the main processes that are included in the scope of MarinTek have been developed
  • The aim of the workflows is to provide the assurance that the quality of the documents is meeting the requirements of the International Standards and Codes.
  • The quality assurance of the engineering deliverables by MarinTek is governed by the Design/Engineering Document Flow Chart that highlights the number of minimum review cycles by different entities that the deliverables should go through.
  • For each Engineering Discipline, a number of workflows have been developed to provide the detailed sequence of required calculation/software with the associated inputs and verification hold-points.

Engineering Flow Charts

  • Design/Engineering Document Flow Chart
  • Typical Pipeline Design Process Flow Chart
  • Pipelay Analysis Document Flow Chart
  • Weld Engineering Flow Chart
  • Marine Transportation Procedure Flow Diagram
  • Sea Fastening Design, Flow Diagram
  • Mooring Procedure Flow Diagram
  • Marine Lifting Procedure Flow Diagram
  • Rigging Design Flow Diagram
  • Jacket Launch Procedure Flow Diagram
  • Jacket Upending Procedure Flow Diagram
  • Jacket Docking Procedure Flow Diagram
  • Risk Assessment Flow Chart
  • Boat Impact & Berthing Analysis Flow Chart

Project Management Flow charts

  • Project Organisation Process
  • Project Control Process Flow Chart
  • Engineering Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring Flow Chart
  • Contracts – Legal Flow Chart
  • Subcontracts Typical Flow
  • Procurement Typical Flow